We design pools with beautiful waterfalls and / or various traditional water features.

Designing and building a rock waterfall or other water features to your custom swimming pool design will add both beauty and excitement to your custom pool. There are several options to choose from.

Here are some of the most popular waterfalls for pools.

Rock formations including rock waterfalls by the ton, grotto/cave waterfalls, rock ledge and weeping wall.  For example spillway from spa into pool could also be designed as a rock waterfall on your custom pool.

A popular trend in Pool Design has been an oversized first step or oversized shallow bench know as a tanning shelf.  Bubblers with or without LED lights are a popular addition in this shallow area for small children to play.

For those clients who want a more traditional look to their custom pool design featuring a raised wall the most popular waterfall is knows as a sheer descent waterfall.  These waterfalls can be modified in your custom pool design to go around curves or in the case of rectilinear pool designs be a purely straight waterfall. Recently released custom pool sheer descents are available with integrated LED lighting. Yet another ultra custom pool water feature design would be an elevated fountain.  This basin fills up about 18 inches deep with LED bubblers and then crosses over a spillway identical to a traditional spillway between spa and pool and pours into the pool.

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Watch this quick video about different types of waterfalls then click here to visit our water features gallery.